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    Dr. Benjamin Crawford received his graduate medical degree as Doctor of Osteopathy in 2008 from the University of North Texas. Completing an internship in Family Medicine, 2009, he followed with a full Psychiatry residency program, during which he served as Chief Resident, 2012, Tulsa, Oklahoma. In the heart of providing a holistic approach to wellness, he added a graduate diploma in Theology, 2015, Tulsa, Oklahoma. His genuine passion to serve was celebrated by fellow and peer academia members. Both, bestowing him with high honors throughout his entire educational journey. Dr. Crawford has lead a successful private practice as a Board Certified Psychiatrist, since 2012. Fueled by his passion to help hurting people, he added additional training to provide care to patients struggling with addiction. He’s grateful for the use of tele-psychiatry and the barriers it has removed, allowing him to take both, mental health and addiction care, to communities previously unserved. He continuously seeks ways to enhance outcomes and equip patients with diverse tools, helping them discover their full potential in life.
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